Leave it better than you found it. 🌻

Building software πŸ€– resilience ✊ enthusiasm πŸŽ‰ and community πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

The tool of imagination is looking at the two options on the table and saying:
No! There are 10 more!

The next step will require great humility, since we are now so prone to confuse great building projects with great social achievements. We will have to admit that it is beyond the scope of anyone's imagination to create community. We must learn to cherish the communities we have, they are hard to come by.


IPFS - A content-addressed p2p internet What if you could co-host websites and data you care about? web3.storage - An IPFS compatible upload service Sometimes you want to pay someone else to host your data. TABLEFLIP - a web-dev co-op Building apps, websites, robots, and community!


Open Source Software - olizilla on github Where I make things I want to see in the world. Nodebots of London A workshop meetup where we learn how to robot with JavaScript together. Meteor London A show'n'tell for designers and developers building real-time web-apps. West Norwood Feast A volunteer-powered street market festival.